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The Life of a Water Sommelier

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 3, 2016 9:35:18 AM / by Eldorado Natural Spring Water

The life of a water sommelier

You have probably heard of a wine sommelier—someone who has extensive knowledge of wine as well as appropriate food pairings—but have you heard of a water sommelier? These H2O experts are changing the game when it comes to creating handcrafted waters as well as revolutionizing the way people taste.

Before delving into the unique characteristics of water and what makes one brand taste differently from another, let's take a look at what makes these talented tasters qualified. First and foremost, there's a lot of drinking! Just like a wine sommelier, the more you taste, the more you know. If you feel you have the potential to be a true expert, pack your bags and grab a flight to Italy. There, you can enroll with the Mineral Water Tasters Association and receive courses in everything from water hygienic principles to identifying and classifying various minerals. Of course in order to receive your certification, there is a grueling final exam that puts even the most talented tasters to the test.

So, how do these sommeliers identify the differences in water and what makes each brand so unique? Maybe you've traveled recently and recognized that the local tap water tastes a bit different than it might in your own home. This is because of its mineral mix and the treatments that it has gone through. For example, some places may have more chlorine in their water, therefore overpowering the true taste of water itself. Higher-quality bottled waters may have a specific water formulation and even a bottle design that helps to protect the water's integrity when it comes to taste. Many water sommeliers would argue that restaurants, just like with their wine menus, should offer a selection of various waters that can be paired with food. 

It just so happens that Eldorado Natural Spring Water has been put to the test many times. Berkeley Springs International Tasting is a competition amongst 120 of the very best sparkling, bottled, and municipal waters. Professional water sommeliers travel thousands of miles to judge participants on taste, odor, mouthfeel, and aftertaste. After receiving the most medals in the past decade (3 silver medals), it is clear that Eldorado Natural Spring Water is notorious amongst even the most experienced water sommeliers.

Eldorado's Award-Winning Water

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