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Eldorado Natural Spring Water Company History

Ah... the 80's!

Eldorado Artesian Springs, Inc. was founded on April 1, 1983, when  partners Doug Larson, Jeremy Martin, and Kevin Sipple purchased many of the Eldorado Springs Resort properties from the Fowler family. At that time, the company became owners of 40 acres of land, the springs, eleven wells, water rights, bottling plant, warehouse, resort pool, and numerous other homes and buildings.

The company began operations by initiating a five gallon delivery service to homes and businesses and by restoring and opening the spring-fed swimming pool. Steady growth necessitated that the company expand its bottling and warehouse space. To meet this need the company arranged with Boulder County zoning officials to allow production in the former dance hall. This increased useable floor space by 10,000 square feet.

In April of 1986, Eldorado Artesian Springs, Inc. became a public company. This was accomplished through an acquisition and merger with a company which was already publicly owned. The resulting influx of capital spawned a period of substantial growth and also allowed for the installation of a one gallon filling operation. One gallon sales commenced in March of 1988. So unique was the packaging, that the company was featured on USA Today.


Watch founders Doug, Jeremy, & Kevin discuss the history of Eldorado Natural Spring Water and their award-winning water and company!

Snow-covered photo of Eldorado Artesian Springs, Inc.

Continued Growth

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Expanding Line

In 1988, management decided to expand the activities of the company from being service-oriented in the five gallon delivery business, to one that also was production-oriented in relation to national distribution of smaller (liter size) packages. The new, smaller packaging allowed for distribution to retail outlets across the country. The company began work on this project by acquiring a complete fill line capable of filling, capping and labeling up to 3,000 bottles per hour of all sizes less than two liters.

In 1989, the company completed phase one of a three phase facility reconstruction project on the bottling plant/warehouse. Completion of phase one allowed for the setup and operation of the fill line for smaller bottles, which was completed by January 31, 1991.

The company has experienced growth in the most recent years that underlined the need for additional office, warehouse and bottling space. In January of 2001, the company began construction of a new facility in Louisville, Colorado, about 10 miles from Eldorado Springs. The new facility consists of a total of approximately 38,000 square feet.

The building was completed in August 2001 and the company began to operate out of the new location on a limited basis by moving all office personnel to the new facility. In addition, the products were transported from Eldorado Springs to the new location in Louisville and the delivery trucks began operating out of the new facility. By December 2001, the company moved all of the bottling lines to the brand new bottling plant. At this time, the water is transported to the new facility in stainless steel tanker trucks. At the bottling plant, the water is then transferred into stainless steel holding tanks until it is used for bottling.


Leadership Team

Our skilled leadership team acts as both business professionals and environmental stewards. Our "Guardianship of the Spring" and love of family and community drives our heart-felt values of Excellence, Well-Being, Teamwork, Trust and Profitability.

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