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Water for Pets

Water for Pets

You've heard the expression it's raining cats and dogs. Well, we're WATERING cats and dogs here at Eldorado Natural Spring Water. According to renowned author and veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, “As a general rule, healthy dogs need from ½ to one ounce of water per pound of body weight each day.”  She goes on to explain that to help your pet stay hydrated, you should leave multiple bowls of water around the house and replenish them with clean water several times a day. Believe it or not, we're discovering that not only have human experts recognized our water as the best tasting  water, but our canine and feline experts are saying the same thing!

A Tiger Tale

cat-drinking-waterFor example, a cat named Tiger, clearly thinks Eldorado water is the best. Here's a bit of Tiger’s owner, Jerry G's testimonial:

“One day, I left a half-filled glass of the Eldorado water on the coffee table and when I wasn't looking, he jumped up and started drinking it. That was all it took. He was instantly hooked. From that moment on, he demanded the Eldorado water and nothing else would do...

I bought a gallon of Eldorado Natural Spring Water and a gallon of another water—not name brand but was labeled, ‘drinking water.’ I figured the cat wouldn't know the difference and would go for the cheaper stuff... Within seconds of getting the ‘drinking water’, he raised a fit... After a day of this I relented and gave him the Eldorado water... He jumped at the bowl, pawed it and didn't stop drinking for well over 5 minutes... What can I say... my cat is a gourmet."



A Dog Day Afternoon

And he's not the only example. We've heard this over and over again. Here's another example of one of our doggie friends:

"I drink this water everyday and share with my dog! He loves it, he is always sitting by the jug, sleeping by the jug, and if it's not too full, he will carry it.  I thought your company would enjoy this story and picture!"



A Fish Story

Interestingly, it's not just our furry friends that cherish our natural spring water. After all, who drinks more water than dogs and cats? Fish!

"I work at the public Montessori Pre-K through 5th grade school in Boulder. I had to start over with my fish tank this school year. It was in very bad shape, with lots of green algae and an excess of some mineral that looked like salt. We were under construction last summer and it seemed like a good time to start over. My father was helping me and scrubbed the tank clean with CLR and removed all that build up from 10 years of fish tank usage and poor maintenance. The few fish that remained were parted with.


At the beginning of this school year in August, I decided to fill the tank with ONLY Eldorado water. I think it took about 7 bottles. We asked the families for fish donations and set up the tank anew with all the old cleaned stuff. The tank has looked WONDERFUL ever since. We continue to be amazed that the algae has not returned. The water is super clear. We continue to add only Eldorado water . Now, our happy and healthy fish are having babies! I have never had a tank with babies before. Our classroom has 25 children, 3-6 year-olds. They love our fish tank. We keep an eye on the babies everyday."


Tell Us Your Pet Story

If you have not tried Eldorado Natural Spring Water with your pet... well, why not. They will love it. And if you love them, shouldn't you give them the best? If you have treated your pet to our water, we'd love to hear your story. Just fill out the form below and send us a picture. 


Thank you so much!



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