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Colorado Proud

Intangible Qualities

“The Eldorado Springs water is by far the finest I have ever enjoyed. It has several intangible, unique qualities that make it infinitely superior in a myriad of inexpressible ways to any other water I know of. I'm NOT exaggerating!” – Alex Rewun

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Coffee, Tea, & More

Think Eldorado is just about water? Think again!

When it comes to staying refreshed and hydrated, Eldorado wants only the best for you. In addition to our delicious natural spring water, we offer a wide variety of coffee, tea, and specialty drinks to give you the best tasting beverage every time. From K-Cups and Portion Packs to Tea bags, we have a variety of options to suit your needs. 

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Portion Pack

Alpine Valley Coffee No Yes
Caribou Coffee Yes No
Dazbog No Yes
Donut Shop No Yes
Donut House Yes No
Folgers No Yes
Green Mountain Coffee Yes No
Starbucks Yes Yes
Tully's Coffee  Yes No






Tea Bag

Bigelow No Yes
Celestial Seasonings No Yes
Lipton No Yes
Tazo No Yes







Café Escapes - Chai Latte
Yes No
Café Escapes - Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Yes No
Oregon Chai No Yes
Swiss Miss No Yes
Swiss Miss (Sugar Free) No Yes




One Taste And I Was Hooked

"I was in Boulder recently and stopped to buy some water for my trip back to Denver. Normally I drink Aqua Fina’s brand of water, which is a good product. This day I happened to purchase your product. One taste and I was hooked. Now I’m never without a bottle of your water — at home, work or play. I am a satisfied customer. Thank you."

– Larry S. Lucero, Denver

Award Winning Water