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Eldorado Events

Eldorado Events

Coming to a neighborhood near you!

In addition to attending events, Eldorado Natural Spring Water often sponsors events. You can see our booth at many local festivals and markets. You will find chances to win free water at many of our events, so be sure to visit us.

 Make sure to join us at our next upcoming event:




2023 Sponsored Events



Red Rocks

All Year

 *  Visit our booth while you are at the event.



Farmer's Markets

Visit the Eldorado Natural Spring Water booth at the Boulder, Colorado Farmers Market!

Every Saturday, April through November.


Can't Wait to See You!

Come join us for one of our many special events. It is always a pleasure to see old friends, and make new ones! 

Drop by for a free bottle or cup of water, and if you aren't already a customer, check out our latest offers for home or office delivery.

See you soon!