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Environmental Stewards

Environmental Stewards

100% Recycled Plastic Bottles


“We’re very excited to be the first U.S. bottled water company to introduce 100% recycled plastic bottles, which requires 77% less energy to produce. Following on the heels of our solar system installation which powers our manufacturing facility, we continue to try to innovate to reduce our impact on the environment.”

— Jeremy Martin, VP of Marketing


PET Plastics, the Most Sustainable Option

We use plastic bottles made from Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic materials because it is indefinitely recyclable. Aside from being highly recyclable, this plastic resin is BPA free, lightweight, durable and doesn't leach into your water.

A recent study by Amcor determined that PET plastic bottles were the most sustainable packaging option when compared to glass, aluminum and tetra aseptic cartons. The study found that PET bottles produce up to 77% fewer greenhouse gases during production compared to glass bottles. Manufacturing aluminum cans generates three times more greenhouse gas emissions than PET bottles and tetra aseptic cartons have a recycle rate at 16% compared to 90% with PET plastic materials. 

Eldorado Recycled Plastic Bottles

We Have Glass Bottles



Get glass bottles delivered to your home or office.

You asked for it; we responded.

Due to requests made by Eldorado customers, we are now offering our natural spring water in 3-gallon glass bottles in addition to our current plastic bottles.

Glass bottles are available for delivery.

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Doing Our Part

100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic conversion 2010

In June 2010, Eldorado began converting all portable case products to use 100% recycled plastic in the bottles. Eldorado expects to have all sizes converted to PCR over the next year. Eldorado is the first bottled water company in the United States to use 100% recycled plastic in its bottles. Benefits include:

Less Waste

Recycled plastic, or RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) bottles are engineered to utilize plastic waste, which otherwise could end up in landfills. The RPET plastic used in Eldorado’s new bottle is FDA approved and meets the same rigorous safety standards as virgin plastic bottles.



Less Energy and GHG Emissions

While turning a used plastic bottle into a clean, reusable bottle requires energy and emits carbon, using 100% RPET versus virgin plastic significantly reduces both. Specifically, Eldorado will reduce the energy required to produce its RPET bottle by 77% and reduce its GHG Emissions (Carbon, Methane and Nitrous Oxide) by 58% according to NAPCOR (North American for PET Container Resources).

Products are Manufactured Using Solar Power

Eldorado’s manufacturing facility in Louisville, Colorado obtains 50% of its energy needs from the rooftop 100 kilowatt solar electric system, which was installed in September 2009.

Waste From Our Plant is 96% Recycled

Operationally, Eldorado recycles 96% of waste from its plant, including paper, cardboard and plastic.


Colorado Proud Logo

 Locally Owned and Operated

Eldorado is Colorado Proud! We work hard to be available to our customers. We only service the Rocky Mountain region and make ourselves available via email, phone, fax, social networking (Facebook & Twitter), as well as through forms on our web site. Maintaining local excellence is our benchmark of success! Find out more about what it means to be Colorado Proud.


Committed to Our Local Community

Eldorado is committed to purchasing core products (at least 50% of non-labor expenses) from independent suppliers locally to where the product will be used or where the company operates whenever possible/if available.  And we are committed to serving at least 75% local and independent clients and customers.


Locally Honored with 2022 Green Business Gold Award

We once again received Gold this year in the 2023 Louisville Green Business program! We have also proudly been awarded the following in recent years.

  • 2016 Gold
  • 2017 Gold
  • 2018 Gold
  • 2019 Gold
  • 2020 Gold
  • 2021 Platinum
  • 2022 Gold

As a Louisville Green Business we:

  • Are dedicated to the community in which we live
  • Care about our customers
  • Pursue more sustainable practices to support the health, environment, and economy of our local community.
Our Louisville Green Business designation demonstrates Eldorado’s exceptional environmental performance. 






Responsible Packaging Award

Eldorado Natural Spring Water was awarded the Responsible Packaging Award in October 2010 for innovation with PCR (post-consumer resin) bottles.

We're not just winning awards for packaging. Did you know Eldorado's water is award-winning also?

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