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Eldorado Media Kit

Eldorado Media Kit

Eldorado Media Kits

Have news about Eldorado Water? Our downloadable media kits come in a variety of options to best suit your needs.


Download Instructions

From the choices below, click the logo you need. When the file has finished downloading, double-click the .zip file (located in your downloads folder) to "unzip" the file and access the images.


Logo Kit – Color

Large and small versions of our color logo: 




Logo Kit – BW

Large and small versions of our black/white logo: 




Wordmark Kit – Color

Large and small versions of our color wordmark




Wordmark Kit – BW

Large and small versions of our black/white wordmark




Historical Photos

High resolution Eldorado historical photos:




Founder Photos

High resolution Eldorado founder photos:




Eldorado Natural Spring Water Company Video

Watch our video about Eldorado Natural Spring Water company: 


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It’s important to make sure we drink plenty of water throughout the day.


Being dehydrated can have a negative effect on our alertness and concentration at work, the quality of our work, even our personal safety and that of others around us. It is important to prioritize hydration in order to maintain our peak mental and physical performance.The type of work we do affects our requirements for water. For example, strenuous work, especially on warm days, can lead to increased perspiration and higher water requirements.Equally, working in an air conditioned office, can speed up moisture evaporation from our skin and lungs so we end up with increased water loss and need to drink more water accordingly.


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