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Brands with Great Taste

Brands with Great Taste

Some brands just have great taste.

We’re proud of our reputation for great tasting water and aren’t shy about our award as America’s best-tasting water (2nd best in the world). Our water is considered by experts to be amongst the best in the world - and businesses that rely on water as a canvas have voted with their pocketbooks by choosing our water as the base for their products.

We celebrate these businesses - and take pride that they have chosen our water for such a vital role in the production of their products.


"By hand-producing our single malt whiskey from barley to bottle, we have our fingerprints on the process every step of the way. Using only the finest resources, our whiskey is made from 4 ingredients: 100% malted barley, yeast, Rocky Mountain water (yes, that's us!) and time in the barrel."

Stranahan's is perennially awarded some of the industry's highest awards for taste and quality of craft - and is even purported to be the whiskey of choice for character Marty Kaan as seen on the Showtime series, "House of Lies."


Whistling Hare Distillery is one of several distilleries in the Boulder, CO area that choose Eldorado Natural Spring Water for this vital canvas for their art. 

This family-owned distillery has been operational for over fifty-years and is held to be one of the highest-rated single malt whiskeys in the region.

Branch Barrel-Logotype-1

"Branch & Barrel is made using a heavy corn and barley, bourbon recipe. We source our corn in Northeastern CO and our water from Eldorado Springs, CO. This mix offers a sweet body with malty notes. The finished high wines are aged in Char #3 new white oak barrels filling Branch & Barrel whiskey with caramel and vanilla notes. The final product is a delicious whiskey with authentic Colorado character."

Yes, that water is us! And we are proud to be that water.



Wishgarden Herbs has been using Eldorado Natural Spring Water since 1979, bringing pure herbal remedies to their Colorado home state and beyond.


Vanjak Sweet Tea Vodka is a unique take on Sweet Tea - with tea herbs sourced from Teatulia in Denver. They go on to distill their vodka locally, with Eldorado Natural Spring Water.


Delicious, fresh, premium quality, local oatmilk in reusable glass bottles.  Sustainably created for our community and planet.  Main ingredient is our award-winning Eldorado Natural Spring Water.  Oatis Organic Oatmilk, recently ranked #1 for Barista oatmilk, offers chocolate and original oatmilk, available to you at selective local stores and/or with a free home delivery service.




This Boulder, CO distiller of American Whiskey cites what makes them better as "malted barley, a Scottish pot still, #3 char American White Oak barrels, and the celebrated Eldorado Natural Spring Water."

Aw, shucks Boulder Spirits. We think you're pretty amazing, too!


This Scottish American distillery, named after the Dakota Hogback Ridge that encompasses Boulder, CO -- their home, enjoys rave reviews from locals and tourists alike. 

If you're interested in stopping by for a taste, head over and know that you're in good taste.