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Tap Water

“I have not had tap water forever. I can't imagine drinking any other water other than Eldorado. I see a definite difference in taste, so much so that I defer on drinking water in restaurants and at friends' homes.” -Charles Loucks
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Natural Spring Water

By the Bottle

Our home and office delivery service can bring you our great tasting natural spring water in 5 gallon, 3 gallon and 3 gallon glass bottles. Sign up now for our delivery services and have your water conveniently delivered to your door or storage area.

As part of our Pure and Simple Service Plans, there are no upfront bottle deposits. On all other plans, there is a $6.00 refundable bottle deposit charge on each 5 and 3 gallon bottle and a $20.00 refundable bottle deposit charge on each 3 gallon glass bottle.

Did you know you can have convenient cases of bottled Eldorado Natural Spring Water delivered to your home? Avoid lugging around heavy cases of water from the store and enjoy the best-tasting water in the world delivered right to your door.


Eldorado Natural Spring Water is available in:

.5 liter bottles (case of 24)

When traveling, at work or home, a case of water can come in handy. Order our new decorative case pack today. This convenient size is available for only $0.46 per bottle ($10.99 per case).

24 oz. bottles (case of 24)

The most popular of the convenient sizes which you can easily pack in any bag. This great size is available for only $0.54 a bottle ($12.99 per case).

1 liter bottles (case of 12)

The liter bottle is the ideal size for serving clear natural spring water at your dinner parties - only $0.79 a bottle ($9.49 per case).

1.5 liter bottles (case of 12)

Best Value! Portable and substantial - great for dieting or exercising ($9.99 per case).Order Cases of Water for Monthly Delivery

1 gallon bottles (case of 4)

Whether on the go for the family or in the fridge, the gallon container comes in handy ($6.45 per case).

3 gallon bottles

Get a porcelain or an electric dispenser and have natural spring water ready to go at all times! Not as heavy, but just as convenient as the bigger 5 gallon bottles ($6.85 per bottle).

3 gallon glass bottles

You asked for it and we responded: our natural spring water in 3 gallon glass bottles ($9.95 per bottle).

5 gallon bottles

Our customer favorite. 5 gallon bottles for home or office. Get a porcelain or electric dispenser and enjoy our natural spring water at all times ($9.25  per bottle).


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We can customize your order to your liking and have it brought right to you.

We provide home and business delivery at your convenience. Adjust as you go, or have us take care of it.

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