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Eldorado Springs Water Analysis

Eldorado Springs Water Analysis

Chemical Analysis

Eldorado Artesian Springs, Inc. is regularly inspected by the FDA, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (usually accompanied by the Boulder County Health Department) and the Department of the Army (for military food sales).

Keep your body hydrated and your body's natural pH levels in balance! Eldorado water is always naturally alkaline — approximately 7.4 pH. Mother Nature created the perfect recipe which includes naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes.

The electrolytes are highlighted in orange below.

All units in milligrams per liter (mg/L) unless otherwise noted.

ND = None Detected

NTU = Nephalemetric Turbidity Units

pci/L = Picocuries Per Liter 

Constituent Eldorado's Results Legal Threshold Amount
pH 7.4 6.5-8.5
Total Dissolved Solids 73 500
Color ND 15 units
Turbidity ND 1 NTU
Arsenic ND 0.010
Chloride ND 250
Fluoride* .20 4
Nitrogen, Nitrate-Nitrite .66 10
Sulfate 17 250
Cyanide ND .1
Phenolics ND -
Aluminum ND .2
Bicarbonate 38 -
Calcium 10 -
Chromium ND .1
Copper ND 1
Iron ND .3
Magnesium 3 -
Manganese ND .05
Potassium 2.7 -
Silica 15 -
Silver .005 .1
Sodium 6 -
Zinc ND 5
Lead ND .005
Mercury ND .002
Nickel ND -
Pesticides ND .00005
Herbicides ND .00005
VOC's (petroleum compounds) ND .00005
Uranium ND .030

*Naturally occuring fluoride. Check out our blog post about fluoride for more information.

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Eldorado Water

pH Balanced

Eldorado Natural Spring Water can assist you in rebalancing your body pH level.


"As an athlete I understand the importance of staying hydrated, but even more I understand the importance of staying healthy. That is why I drink Eldorado Natural Springs Water. It has the electrolytes that I need to keep going strong."


– Beth, Colorado


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