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"Thanks to Eldorado Natural Springs Water, I'm now a total water snob! I never knew water could taste so good"

- Michael Lovato, Training Athlete

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A Quick Intro to Chlorine and Chloride

It’s not uncommon in chemistry that two substances with similar spellings have very different properties. Such is the case with chlorine and chloride. When considering the composition of our natural spring water, it’s important to understand the difference between chloride and chlorine.


Chlorine and Chloride Defined

Chlorine is a greenish-yellow diatomic gas. Highly reactive and a powerful oxidizing agent, it is almost never found free in nature. Most chlorine is commercially produced. It is best known for its use in purifying water and as a component of cleaning products.   

Chloride is a negatively charged ionic form of chlorine. Because chlorine is so reactive, it virtually always exists in nature as part of a compound like chloride. Neutral salts like sodium chloride (table salt), potassium chloride, and calcium chloride are formed from chloride and are abundant in nature. 

All living things require chloride to survive. It aids in the process of plant photosynthesis and is also an electrolyte that plays a major role in hydration in humans and animals. What’s more, it supports the electrical impulses that our nervous system needs to function.


Eldorado's Water: Natural Chloride and No Chlorine

It’s easy to confuse the names chlorine and chloride. What’s important to remember is that our natural spring water contains no chlorine, the disinfectant that can be toxic at higher levels. Chloride, on the other hand, is safe for consumption and helpful to many biological processes. Our water contains healthy levels of naturally occurring chloride, making it a great choice for keeping you and your family well hydrated and energized.


Eldorado Springs Water Analysis

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Staying Hydrated Is Important

Did you know your body is 60% water?

What are some ways to drink more?

  1. Have a glass of water when you first wake up.
  2. Have a beverage with each meal and snack.
  3. Sip throughout the day.
  4. Keep a water bottle at your desk, in your car, and in your bag.
  5. Try flavored seltzer waters or add some lemon.
  6. Choose beverages you enjoy. You’ll be more likely to drink if you enjoy the flavor.
  7. Eat more fruits and vegetables. The high water content of these foods will add to overall hydration. Foods provide approximately 20% of total fluid intake.

*Content sourced from The Mayo Clinic 

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