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Eldorado Swimming Pool

Eldorado Swimming Pool

Eldorado Pool Will Be Closed Through Summer 2022

Renovations are Progressing

The Eldorado pool has been a source of summer fun for generations of families in our Colorado community. Rich with history, we're dedicated to keeping this tradition alive for future generations to come. We've committed to a renovation project and historic preservation of our resort that will again extend through the summer swimming season in 2022. We understand how much the pool will be missed again this summer; however, this undertaking is absolutely necessary for its longevity. The goal is to keep this pool going for another 114 years!

In July 2018, we received approval from Boulder County commissioners based on our historic landmark designation. After a long hearing in January 2020, Boulder County commissioners approved an agreement that would designate funding of the roadway to the resort. Based on this decision, roadway improvements will now be funded jointly by Boulder County, the state of Colorado and Eldorado Artesian Springs Inc.

Aside from the roadway improvements, upgrades will be made to the pool itself as well as bathrooms and other amenities. For more updates, follow the Eldorado Swimming Pool Page on Facebook.


A Reason to Celebrate

This pool, initially built in 1906, was in those days advertised as the largest swimming pool in the country. In 1983, the three founding partners of Eldorado Artesian Springs, Inc. acquired the resort, this grand pool and Eldorado Springs' water rights.

Next year, we are excited to celebrate our 40th anniversary, and, we now anticipate the grand reopening of the newly renovated pool and resort on Memorial Day 2023.


Eldo Pool Redesign

A Plan for the Future

Upholding Historical Integrity

Download and view the artistic rendering of the resort when completed.  Our goal is to maintain the look and feel of yesteryear, while making improvements to visitor amenities. Features to be improved upon include swimming pool, bathrooms, and energy efficiency upgrades.

Historic Beach Balls

Remembering Our Rich History

Keeping the Tradition Going

The memories held at the resort are what gives this place such a meaningful significance in our community. Known as the "Jewel of Boulder County," the historic resort has attracted the likes of Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower as well as boxing's heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey.