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“One taste and I was hooked. Now I’m never without a bottle of Eldorado water—at home, work, or play.  I am a satisfied customer. Thank you.” – Larry
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Stay Refreshed With Eldorado Natural Spring Water

Available At Retail Locations in the Rocky Mountain Region


King SoopersSam's ClubSproutsWhole Foods


SafewayVitamin CottageWalmart


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And Other Local Markets

If you can't find Eldorado Springs Water on the shelf of your local establishments, be sure to ask for us by name. But whatever you do, don't settle for those lower-shelf brands. Insist on the true top-shelf... Eldorado Natural Spring Water.

Single Serve Eldorado Water Bottles

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*Valid in-store only at local participating retailers that carry Eldorado Vitamin-Charged Natural Spring Water