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Our Company

Our Company

Eldorado Artesian Springs, Inc

Eldorado Artesian Springs, Inc. was founded in 1983 when the company became the owner of 28 acres of land, the artesian springs, eleven wells, water rights, a bottling plant, a warehouse, the resort pool and numerous other homes and buildings in Eldorado Springs, CO.

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Eldorado Water

Engaged In Our Community



We're a very proud and actively engaged member of the community.

We stand behind our beliefs and support many organizations, charities, and events through donation and sponsorship.

Community Engagement

Events In Your Area

Find us at an event near you!

Eldorado can be found at many local community events, either as a sponsor or participating in the festivities. Look for us at your next event. Be sure to stop by for our many contests and giveaways held at each event.

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Stewards Of The Environment



Eldorado is doing its part to conserve this great land of ours.

From 100% recycled plastic bottles, to glass 5 gallon jugs, to making sure little to no waste is put out during production. Eldorado is doing its part to conserve the land in which it treads. Find out more about what Eldorado is doing.

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More Than Just the Springs

In 1983 Eldorado Acquired Many Facilities

40 acres of land, the springs, eleven wells, water rights, bottling plant, warehouse, resort pool and numerous other homes and buildings.

History of the Resort