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Eldorado Water Blog

One Writer Goes on Bottled Water Source Tour: What He Found in Colorado

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 5, 2018 8:31:06 AM / by Eldorado Marketing

Bottled Water Source Tour


Knowing where your food, water, and clothes come from can be both an enlightening and an empowering realization. In a time where brands and products make claims to certain authenticities, ethics, or health benefits, wouldn't it be nice to be able to just show up at the farm and see if those free-range chickens are really ranging free?

Recently, one writer set out on a journey to discover the water sources used by top-brand bottled water companies—and his quest and passion is something that we at Eldorado Natural Spring Water really respect.

The Ultimate Water Tour

Bob Morris of Town & Country magazine recently set out on an epic tour of some of the best bottled water in the world to see their water sources up close for himself. Being an enthusiast of bottled water because of his distaste for chlorine and the fact that the water on tap in his Long Island home was supplied by New York City's aquifers, he always kept his refrigerator stocked with water bottles. 

However, it occurred to Bob that he didn't know anything about where that bottled water he championed actually came from. As any good writer would do, he determined to get to the heart of his curiosity and write about his findings. What came next was a hydration journey that sent him to France, Switzerland, Spain, and back to the United States. His travels took him to some of the biggest names in the bottled water industry, including Perrier, Evian, and San Pellegrino.

The Drink of a Lifetime

In the midst of those water bottle giants stood an American award-winning natural spring water coming from a small town in the Colorado mountains. During a Colorado summer heat wave, Bob made his way down from Boulder to little Eldorado Springs to find out what this American mountain water was all about. After filling his bottle at the Eldorado Springs pump house, so close to its natural source, he now declares that it "was the best drinking experience of my life."

Sometimes it's about more than just the water itself. It's about the experience. It's about it really being what it claims to be. The Eldorado team takes pride in delivering the best sourced water in the world, and we were delighted to read about this writer's defining experience with our extraordinary water.


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