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Eldorado Water Blog

Eldorado Water Blog

Home Water Filtration vs Natural Spring Water

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 26, 2022 1:19:17 PM / by Eldorado Marketing

Home water filtration vs spring water

Water drinkers have so many water choices to choose from these days. From tap, filtered, distilled or spring water, many consumers may not fully understand all of the differences. In a previous blog, we went over these different water types for drinking. Here we will be focusing specifically on home water filtration systems compared to natural spring water. 

Water Filtration Systems

Generally speaking, the purpose of filtration in water treatment is to remove any unwanted contaminants from the source water. A water filter works by running water through a fine physical barrier where only water can pass through, leaving anything unwanted behind. This filtration process can be accomplished by chemical means or by biological ones. The major types of water filtration are media, screen, disk, sand, cloth, biological and reverse osmosis. 


Natural Spring Water Systems

Natural spring water refers to water that flows from an underground aquifer to the earth's surface. As water moves along underground rocks, minerals become dissolved in this water.  The spring water filtration process occurs naturally through physical substrate, chemical means (chemically activated clay absorbing organic chemicals, pesticides, or heavy metals) and biological means (microorganisms in soil that aid in the water filtration process by acting as biological decomposers). 


Home Water Filtration Compared to Spring Water

The purest form of water, straight from the depths of the earth, should never be altered. While home filtration systems are designed to eliminate unwanted impurities from tap water, they often overlook the essential elements that should remain. Unfortunately, even tap water treatment doesn't always completely remove harmful substances like pesticides, heavy metals (such as lead, chromium and arsenic) and PFAS. It's widely acknowledged that natural spring water not only offers health benefits but also surpasses the taste of filtered water. The unique flavor and mineral composition of spring water are influenced by the distinctive geographical characteristics of each spring. Just like fingerprints, every water source possesses its own individual identity, granting it a distinct flavor profile. Eldorado Springs, for instance, stands as an exceptional source due to its uncontaminated environment, balanced mineral analysis, and consistent quality across seasons. Understanding the origin of your bottled water ensures that you are making a conscious choice for your body and can have confidence in its worth. Our water has earned prestigious awards, serving as a testament to its exceptional quality.


Eldorado Springs is considered an extraordinary source because it surfaces in an environment free from contamination, it demonstrates a balanced mineral analysis, and its analysis and flow rate remain the same from season to season. Eldorado Springs water is sourced from an artesian spring, with both a mineral and chemical makeup ensuring it is healthful and delicious and does not require any filtration. It's impossible to replicate nature's perfect balance of minerals that our bodies crave. It’s important to understand the source of your bottled water so you know what you are putting into your body and can be confident that the water you are paying for is worth the price. We are confident that our water is among the best in the world, and the awards it has won are your assurance of quality.


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This blog was previously published on 10/26/2022

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