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Eldorado Water Blog

Know How it Flows: A Brief Explanation of The Different Water Types

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 21, 2017 10:47:00 AM / by Eldorado Natural Spring Water

The different types of water

Tap water, filtered water, spring water… with so many types of water available today, you may find yourself confused about the differences between them and the advantages of one over another. At Eldorado Natural Spring Water, we’re all about natural bottled water, and the wonderful gift provided by our artesian spring. But read on to learn more about the many different kinds of H2O.

  • Tap Water — What comes out of most faucets in the United States is referred to as tap water. It comes from many sources such as wells, lakes and basins and is often filtered and treated with chemicals like chlorine to kill harmful microorganisms.  It may also have other chemicals, like synthetic fluoride, added to it. 

  • Filtered Water — Water that is sent through filters to remove chemical residues and other microscopic particles that can affect the taste is referred to as, you guessed it, filtered water. Water taste is a matter of personal preference, but most people agree that filtered water has a more pleasing flavor than tap water.

  • Bottled or Purified Water — Water labeled this way is generally tap water that has been run through a process (reverse osmosis, for example) to remove additional chemicals and particles. It is generally more “pure” than filtered water. This may sound nice but when purifying water, they often take out the things that are actually good for you! Check out our blog post about the Buzzword Ultra-Pure.

  • Spring Water — Similar to natural mineral water (see below), spring water like ours must originate from an officially recognized source. The water does not, however, have to pass a two-year regulatory process and until recently did not have to be bottled at the source—although ours always has been.

    Each spring has its own identity, as unique and individual as a fingerprint. These identities are what gives each water source a different flavor profile. Eldorado Springs is considered an extraordinary source because it surfaces in an environment free from contamination, it demonstrates a balanced mineral analysis, and its analysis and flow rate remain the same from season to season.

  • Natural Mineral Water —To be considered natural mineral water, water must originate from an officially recognized single source and must be bottled on site. It must also pass two years of initial testing and ongoing evaluation to ensure that it is free of harmful microbes and pollutants, and that its essential characteristics remain unchanged.

So, now when you’re considering how to quench your thirst and keep your body well hydrated, you have the background you need to choose wisely. Why not give Eldorado Natural Spring Water a try?

Editor's note: This post was originally published in August of 2015 and has been updated since.

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