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Is Spring Water Purified?

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 7, 2021 4:08:19 PM / by Eldorado Natural Spring Water

Is Spring Water Purified?


It’s surprising—and somewhat amusing—how many names a substance as simple as water can have! Distilled water, tap water, filtered water, mineral water, sparkling water… and the list goes on and on.


When it comes to the type of water you choose to drink on a regular basis, two terms that often come up are spring water and purified water. For most people, these descriptors speak to the quality of the water. But in trying to decide between the two, consumers are often still stumped.


Spring water brings to mind images of water from an underground aquifer that makes its way to the surface and collects in a clear pool that serves as the headwaters of a babbling brook. As for purified water, nothing’s better than “pure,” right?


But maybe the two have something common. Specifically, is spring water purified? Meaning, is it collected at a spring and then put through a purification process?


What’s In—and Not In—Your Drinking Water?


Now, not every provider of spring water operates the same way. But at Eldorado Natural Spring Water, we definitely do not purify our water. “Why not?” you may be asking, “That seems like the prudent thing to do.” You might also wonder, “How is purified water made?”


Purified water is produced by putting it through a water purification system in which it undergoes distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis, or similar processes. Unfortunately, while those processes can remove anything harmful in the water, they also remove plenty of “good stuff.” There are a variety of natural minerals and other dissolved solids in spring water that nature put there for a reason.


Not only are those substances things your body is looking for, and needing from

its water, in the right “parts per million” quantities they also make the water taste better. So, there is a distinct difference in purified water and spring water. And contrary to what some consumers might think, purified drinking water—the “purest water” available—is neither the healthiest nor the most refreshing to drink. And that’s true when comparing home water filtrations to  natural spring water


Water from the Right Natural Spring


Now, of course, even among spring waters, there are better and—let’s call them “less better”—options. You certainly don’t want to drink spring water pulled from the aquifer under a landfill or a chemical manufacturing plant. And, of course, we’re not saying any provider out there gets its water from that kind of source!


But the point is that where you get your water matters. We get ours from artesian springs located in Eldorado Springs, Colorado. The water emanates from one of the most unique water sources in the world. What starts as rain and snow just east of the Continental Divide enters an aquifer that passes beneath Eldorado Springs at a depth of 8,000 feet before being forced through a layer of natural sandstone on its way to the surface. And just for good measure, Mother Nature placed a layer of thick clay over the sandstone in most places so that other, less pristine, groundwater can’t enter the aquifer.


In short, what comes out of the ground and makes its way to you is natural spring water with all the right natural elements and naturally great taste. It’s not purified, and our customers wouldn’t let us purify it if we wanted to! (And we don’t want to.)


For example, when they order a 5-gallon spring water jug, they want all the minerals and other dissolved solids that come with it. Anything less and they’d feel cheated—and we like our customers too much to do that to them. So, the choice is yours when it comes to serving purified water or natural spring water to your family members, guests, or coworkers.


But now you know the difference!

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