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Eldorado Water Blog

Why the Buzzword "Ultra-Pure" is a Myth

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 15, 2017 12:44:26 PM / by Eldorado Natural Spring Water

what is ultra-pure water?

“New and Improved!” “Superfood!” “Holistic!” “All Natural!”. You’ve heard it all before, buzzword after buzzword—the over-used, cliché phrases that an online marketing agency might use in hopes of attracting you to their products, sounding like a broken record. Unfortunately, they work. Use an effective enough buzzword and the product will sell like hotcakes! This is seen frequently with other water companies as they tout how pure their water is. Luckily, we are here to arm you with information about the buzzword “ultra-pure”.

What is “ultra-pure” water?

Pure simply means free of contamination. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but most water companies are in a race to get the most purified water they possibly can, whether or not it’s actually best for their customers.

The down and dirty:

Ultra-purified water can actually be bad for you. Water is considered a universal solvent, which means it can dissolve more things than any other natural liquid. This ends up being a very good thing for us because as water falls from the sky, or pushes up through the earth, it takes many minerals and nutrients with it. When companies create ultra-pure water, they actually strip water down to its core; we’re talking straight H2O. This sounds like a good thing, but when water is stripped like this, it causes the water itself to become thirsty, if you will. Water doesn’t like being ultra-pure, so when it travels through your body it will actually take nutrients from you as it exits!

Boring ol’ water

Water that is void of its natural minerals and nutrients would actually be boring. Minerals are what give water its taste. That’s why when you go to different parts of the country the water tastes different. It’s also how we at Eldorado were able to win awards on the tastes and flavors of our water.

Eldorado’s natural artesian spring water is not chemically treated in any way. The location and unique geological environment of our source ensures consistent water quality and flavor that is considered by most to be the best-tasting water around. And we’re not yanking your chain!

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