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Eldorado Water Blog

5 Benefits of Pumping Natural Spring Water Straight to Your Refrigerator

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 28, 2021 9:40:06 AM / by Eldorado Natural Spring Water


People are increasingly turning to natural spring water as a better option than tap water in their homes and businesses. Typically, they dispense bottled water from the “water jug” that is delivered directly to them using a free-standing water dispenser.

However, many will wonder—or ask us, specifically—whether there is another option for dispensing their delicious spring water. The good news is that the answer is, “Yes!”

Bottled Water Dispensing Pump Systems

Eldorado Natural Spring Water can be used in a refrigerator water dispenser. With a 5-gallon water bottle pump dispenser, for example, the container can be connected directly to the refrigerator so that you get water with award-winning taste every time you fill your glass.

Bottled water dispenser pumps are very affordable, easy to use, and available from many sources. A quick Google search on “bottled water pump for refrigerator” or “refrigerator water pump” will bring up a long list of websites where you can purchase the device that best meets your needs and your budget.

Why not just get a water filter system for better water? As we explain in our blog post Home Water Filtration vs. Natural Spring Water, there really is no substitute for the amazing water that flows from our artesian springs in Eldorado Springs, Colorado.

Advantages of Using a Bottled Water Dispensing Pump System

Making natural spring water the water supply for your refrigerator works great and provides several advantages. Below are five of the most important of these benefits.

  1. Exceptional taste. Most people don’t think a lot about the taste of their water unless it is noticeably “off” for some reason. As long as they have a source of potable water, they’re happy with it. However, the award-winning taste of Eldorado Natural Spring Water tends to change their perspective very quickly! Great-tasting water truly is more enjoyable to consume.
  2. Cost savings. According to Consumer Reports, “For a $1,010 Frigidaire side-by-side, a six-month replacement filter costs $40.95. Assuming an expected lifespan of 12 years, you’re paying an extra 97 percent of the fridge's purchase price for the filters—almost doubling the cost of the appliance.”
  3. Improved health. People often discover that having delicious spring water readily available—especially from their refrigerator using a water bottle pump—is a powerful incentive for drinking more water every day. And drinking more water provides an array of health benefits, including better digestion, weight loss (water serves as a natural appetite suppressant by taking up space in the stomach), less skin flaking and itching, fewer migraines, less back pain, and even potentially a reduction in the risk of colon and bladder cancer (thought to occur through the dilution of cancer-causing agents in bodily waste).
  4. Convenience. Whether at home or the office, people tend to visit the kitchen or break room regularly. Being able to get a glass of cool spring water using the refrigerator’s dispenser is extremely convenient.
  5. Easy installation and bottle replacement. It’s easy to install a water bottle pump dispenser unit. Or, you can have someone install it for you. And replacing one water bottle with another is simple, as well. Plus, a water dispenser pump works quietly in the background providing natural spring water to the refrigerator, including the refrigerator’s ice maker.

Is It Time You Looked Into a Bottle Water Dispenser Pump?

Wouldn’t you like to be getting wholesome, natural spring water directly from your refrigerator’s dispenser? The exciting thing about making that healthy switch is that it can happen very quickly. You can have a 5-gallon water bottle pump dispenser delivered (or pick one up at a store near you) in a matter of days. At the same time, you can easily arrange for delivery of Eldorado Natural Spring Water to your home or business if you don’t already have service set up.

Get started today and you’ll be enjoying the best water on Earth before you know it!


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