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How Are Springs Formed?

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 18, 2023 11:06:08 AM / by Eldorado Marketing


If you’ve ever enjoyed a cool, refreshing glass of natural spring water, you may have wondered about the water source and had questions like, “What is natural spring water?” and “How are natural springs formed?” and “Is natural spring water safe to drink?”

This article addresses those and other important questions.


How Do Springs Form?

Springs are one of nature’s wonders. They develop when pressure forces water froman underground aquifer to the surface. 

That, of course, leads to the question, “What is an aquifer?” It’s an accumulation of groundwater in permeable rock or other material. (Contrary to popular belief, it’s not an underground “pool” of water in the conventional sense.) Aquifers can develop individually or as part of an aquifer system.

It’s also important to understand that aquifers contain water from a specific “recharge area.” What’s a recharge area? It’s the surface area from which water moves downward into the aquifer. And it can play an important role in water quality.


Where Might a Spring Form?

Springs can form in various places. If there’s ample ground water, upward pressure on that water, and an opening for it to reach the surface (like porous rock through which it can move), a spring can develop.

A common example is a spring that forms in a valley. Precipitation falling on the land above seeps into the ground, creating a downward flow of groundwater and natural water pressure. The water then finds a place to return to the surface and does so in the form of a natural spring.

In some instances, carbonic acid develops when carbon dioxide mixes with groundwater, creating the tiny bubbles in carbonic acid springs.

So, if you were wondering, “What is natural spring water?” there’s your answer! Natural water springs are truly amazing.


Nature’s Most Precious Water Supply

Given the large amount of water that’s in the water table below the surface all around the world and how little of it returns to the surface as a spring, natural springwater is a precious gift from Mother Nature. That’s especially true with our springs at Eldorado Natural Spring Water.

They are one of the most unique water sources in the world. Here’s how the water comes to us (and to you!). Rain and snow fall on the east side of the Continental Divide. Absorbed by the land, it enters an aquifer 8,000 feet deep underground.

That aquifer passes beneath Eldorado Springs, where natural artesian spring pressure forces the water up through a layer of sandstone. That material functions as an effective natural filtering system.

Importantly, a thick layer of clay protects the aquifer from local groundwater in our more populated area. So, essentially, the aquifer collects water from pristine lands at higher altitudes, which then undergoes natural filtering to enhance its purity before we collect it.

The result is water that’s naturally filtered, completely safe to drink, and judged to be some of the best-tasting water in the world. 

So, when you have a choice between tap water and spring water from Eldorado Springs, Colorado, there are many reasons the latter isn’t just the best bottled water you’ll ever consume—it’s the best water, period!

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