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Eldorado Water Blog

From the Source: Why It Matters

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 5, 2017 10:30:00 AM / by Eldorado Natural Spring Water

Why water source matters

Have you ever really thought about where the water you drink comes from? Eldorado Natural Spring Water is sourced from an artesian spring, which is one of the many places water can be collected. Here's a little information about the different sources and why artesian spring water is among the finest. 

Rain Water

Many countries with a considerable amount of rainfall will collect rainfall and bottle it. They claim that the rain is collected from remote areas so it is relatively unaffected by pollution or human contact. It may also be referred to as “young water.” It is very pure and has very low mineral content.  We have discussed why drinking ultra pure water is a myth. 

Melt Water

Melt water is the result of the melting of snow and ice. Regions that have significant snowfall or are near mountains often use snow melt for their municipal water supply. This water can come from glaciers (large deposits of snow and ice that have built up for thousands of years) and also from icebergs (chunks of glaciers that have broken off and are now floating in the sea). Similar to the makeup of rainwater, most glacier water is thousands of years old, and relatively untouched by pollution. Ideally, the collection of these waters has to be done carefully since it is the inner area of glaciers and icebergs that is the purest.

Deep Sea Water

When icebergs melt, the water released is a different temperature and salinity than the sea water . Consequently, this pure water sinks. Research is still being done, but as this type of water is pulled to the surface by a pipeline, it condenses and is believed to be safe for human consumption.  

Spring Water

Natural springs are the most common source of bottled water.  Any area where water flows up through the earth's surface is considered a spring.  The flavor and mineral content of spring water is heavily influenced by the spring's geographical location. Spring water is removed from the ground in two ways: either using a mechanical device to pump the water out of a well,  or relying on the the natural pressure of the aquifer to force the water out where it is then collected. The latter is known as an Artesian spring.

Eldorado Springs water is sourced from an artesian spring, whose mineral content and chemical makeup make it healthy and delicious. It’s important to understand the source of your bottled water so you know what you are putting into your body and can be confident that the water you are paying for is worth the price. We are confident that our water is among the best in the world, and the awards it has won are your assurance of quality.

More About Our Water Source

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