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An Opinion on Powdered Drink Mixes

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 14, 2016 9:30:00 AM / by Eldorado Natural Spring Water

Zero calorie drinks

A hotly debated topic lately is about whether or not powdered drink mixes are actually okay for you to drink. For some reason, a lot of people aren’t too fond of the taste of boring, bland, unflavored water. So many are turning instead to zero calorie drink mixes that make the water taste and look more palatable.


So what's the skinny on all of these zero calorie, powdered drink additives? Keep reading to learn what one doctor has to say about it.


IS Flavored Water Okay to Drink?

Doctor Timothy Harlan says that powdered drink mixes are controversial when you consider adding them to your daily water intake. There are chemicals added to flavor and color your water that are considered safe for you. However, the chemical aspartame that is present in some of these mixes is reputed to be a harmful substance even though there isn’t a lot of science available to support the assumption.


The larger problem at hand though is whether or not the sweeteners and artificial flavors are as good for you as regular water. Dr.Harlan says that no, there isn’t much out there better for you than ordinary water. However, if you’re using it as a replacement for sugary sodas, it will certainly be better for you than what you’re currently drinking because of the fact that there are significantly fewer calories.


The Doctor’s Orders?

Dr. Harlan goes on to recommend healthier alternatives to these mixes. He writes:

As far as the recommendations I make to my patients? It goes something like this:
"I would always prefer that you drink water. Next in line would be coffee or tea - both known to be good for you (even a teaspoon of real sugar in your tea will only add 16 calories). Drinking artificially sweetened drinks is O.K. but it's best to avoid them. Soda can be a major problem and contributes too many empty calories. It should be drunk only occasionally. "


At Eldorado, we are pleased to be able to offer you something regardless of which side of the debate you stand on. If you prefer plain, cool, crisp, clean spring water, we’ve got you covered. If you prefer something a little sweeter, we also have flavored vitamin water available. We always encourage you to listen to your body and stay hydrated by any means necessary.


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