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Is Sparkling Water Good for You?

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 30, 2021 1:42:24 PM / by Eldorado Marketing

Is Sparkling Water Good for You?



Sparkling water “sparkles” because it is infused with carbon dioxide gas that is under pressure. When the cap comes off a bottle of sparkling water, that pressure is released and the carbon dioxide bubbles to the surface, making the water sparkle.

Sparkling water is a generic term for this kind of bubbling beverage. It comes in several forms, including seltzer water, soda water, club soda and tonic water. Many health-conscious people today are drinking more sparkling water as an alternative to sodas, and there is no question getting less of the sugar and artificial sweeteners that sodas contain is a good thing.  

But is sparkling water good for you? What are the components of sparkling water? And when you look at sparkling water compared to spring water, which is healthier? These kinds of questions are increasingly important as consumption of sparkling water increases.


Optimal Hydration Is Important and Drinking Sparkling Water Can Help

Properly hydrating your body is very important—more so than most people understand. Dehydration can cause a variety of problems including headaches, dry mouth, heart and kidney problems, digestive issues and impaired mental and physical performance.  

Not drinking enough water can also cause fatigue. That mid- or late-afternoon fade you experience probably isn’t because you lack calories and need to eat something. It is more likely a consequence of being dehydrated. And addressing the afternoon fade improperly by consuming food hurts your body in two ways. First, you are getting calories that your body doesn’t need, and second, if you only eat, you’re not getting the hydrating water that your body does need.

How does the relative hydration of sparkling water factor into the equation? That depends on the components of sparkling water in the brand you choose. If the sparkling water you select has little or no sodium or sugar (like Eldorado's sparkling water), it can be a good source of hydration. Plus, it doesn’t appear that sparkling water has the negative effect on bone health that sodas do. And if you simply don’t enjoy drinking so-called “still water,” sparkling water can help you transition away from other, less healthy options.

Unfortunately, many sparkling waters do have added sugars and/or sodium to help them taste better. If that’s the case with the sparkling water you choose, the benefits are greatly reduced. 


Potential Consequences of Drinking Sparkling Water Too Often

One of the disadvantages of sparkling water, if you drink too much, is that the interaction of water and carbon dioxide produces a weak acid called carbonic acid, which raises the acidity of sparkling water. That, along with any sugar present in the water, can promote tooth decay.

Good oral hygiene can help you protect your teeth. However, a regular diet of sparkling water with added sugars will ultimately will take its toll.  

For some people, another of the disadvantages of sparkling water is that it can cause gas and bloating. That’s not surprising, since you are swallowing a significant quantity of carbon dioxide gas.


Sparkling Water Compared to Spring Water: The Importance of Taste

One of the great things about the natural spring water that we bottle from the source at Eldorado is that it tastes good naturally. It has the right amount of minerals to produce a flavor that has won many awards in prestigious water tasting competitions (including the award for Best Tasting Bottled Water in the World in 2024 by the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting.)

Interestingly, some sparkling water companies add minerals to their product to try to produce a better taste. So, for people who are focused on staying hydrated but don’t like the taste of tap water, we recommend they try our natural spring water.

For those seeking an extra refreshing boost from carbonated water, why not give our new sparkling water a try? It's our exquisite natural spring water with added carbonation; no extra sodium, minerals, sugars, sweeteners or other ingredients included.

The result? The vast majority of people who try our water and keep some on hand find themselves craving it when their body needs more fluids. 


Sparkling Water Compared to Spring Water: The Final Analysis

In the end, it’s hard to improve on what nature provides! Sparkling water brands typically add sweeteners and flavor enhancers to their products—things that may improve the flavor but don’t do anything good for your body. Natural spring water from our artesian springs flows to the surface containing everything it needs to provide excellent hydration with award-winning taste.


This blog was previously published on 08/30/2021

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