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Eldorado Water Blog

Eldorado Water Blog

The Proof Is in the Tasting: Have Some Fun with Friends

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 6, 2017 10:35:43 AM / by Eldorado Natural Spring Water

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We’re proud to say that Eldorado Natural Spring Water has won many awards. This includes a Gold Medal last year for Best Municipal Water in the U.S., and Second Best in the World, at the prestigious Berkeley Springs International Tasting. There, in what is referred to as the Academy Awards of water tasting, a panel of food critics and journalists assesses water samples based on taste, odor, mouthfeel, and aftertaste, and recognizes excellence.  But, we can’t blame you if you feel that claims of “best” are a dime a dozen. If we were in your shoes, we’d demand some verification. 

Well, to paraphrase an old adage, the proof is in the tasting. We encourage you to put our water to the test. We’ll even give you the very simple steps for doing just that.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

If you’re eager to understand what the differences are between various bottled waters, and why we feel so fortunate to have the water source that we do at Eldorado Natural Spring Water, do the following:

  1. Assemble your team of testers. The more discriminating the palates, the better.
  2. Ask participants to bring a bottle of water from a specific provider. Encourage them not to drink bottled water for a day or two before the event if possible, to help eliminate any bias they may have toward their preferred brand.
  3. Set out small cups for each participant for each type of water that will be tested, and label the cups A, B, C, etc.. While any kind of cup will do, glass containers may be the least likely to impart a taste to the water.
  4. With participants out of the room, fill cup A in each set with water from the same provider. Do the same for each cup/provider pairing. Room temperature water works the best when taste testing.
  5. Have participants taste the samples one at a time, giving each a score of 1 to 10, with 1 being Poor and 10 being Excellent. Be sure to allow some time between samples for the palate to “reset.”
  6. Total the points for each sample and divide by the number of participants to get the average score for that type of water.
  7. Reveal the source of each sample and the scores.
  8. Enjoy some more water as you discuss the results!
  9. We would love to hear from you, share this post to Facebook or Twitter and tell us your results!

Let Your Tastebuds Decide

Can we guarantee that Eldorado Natural Spring Water will be the winner? No, not really. But if your group of water sommeliers is like those water-tasting experts at the Berkeley Springs International Tasting, it’s very likely that our spring water will win. Whatever the results, it’s a fun way to increase your awareness of the importance of water quality. If you’re consuming as much water as you should, you want to enjoy it! And if you’re drinking our water, we’re sure you will. If you'd like delicious Eldorado Natural Spring Water delivered to your home, just click the button below. You'll love it!


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