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Eldorado Water Blog

Haloacetic Acids in Water and How They Affect You

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 2, 2017 1:01:13 PM / by Eldorado Marketing

What are Haleoacetic Acids and how do they affect your drinking water

Recently in Boulder, Colorado, residents were warned that the drinking water had exceeded the water standard for haloacetic acids. In other words, haloacetic acid levels rose too high for the water to be deemed safely drinkable. 

What are haloacetic acids?

Haloacetic acids (HAAs) are compounds containing chlorine and/or bromine. They are formed during the disinfection process of drinking water, leaving humans at risk to exposure. Unfortunately, exposure to these chemical compounds, if above the maximum contaminant level, can cause injury to the liver, kidneys, eyes, nerves, and the reproductive system. Studies show that all U.S. tap and well water contains this acid to some degree. 

Haloacetic acids in water are formed when the elements used to disinfect drinking water react with naturally occurring organic matter. There are three common types of disinfectants used that may cause this effect: chlorine, chloramine, and ozone. 

A better option

Any of the three types of disinfectants mentioned, though intended to purify water, can have a reverse effect by producing haloacetic acids. But there’s good news! There are healthier, contaminant-free options just within your reach.

Eldorado Natural Spring Water, a local water company headquartered in Eldorado Springs, Colorado, can provide you with crisp, pure hydration. Our water is formed by natural artesian spring pressure that forces the water through a layer of sandstone up to the surface, creating a natural filtering system. You will never have to wonder if you are consuming haloacetic acids when drinking Eldorado water and our chemical water analysis stands a proof. Instead, enjoy what some experts consider to be the best-tasting water in North America!  


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