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Waking Up Parched at Night?

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 23, 2022 8:51:10 AM / by Eldorado Natural Spring Water

Waking up thirsty at night

Aw, swimming. It’s so nice to relax by the pool. The water is so fresh and clear, with the reflections of the summer sun bouncing off the ripples. I love this... sitting here by the pool with a refreshing, ice cold bottle of water. This water feels so good going down and tastes amazing. I’m thirsty—so thirsty… [Huh? Wha'?] Darn! Just a dream. That pool and summer sun felt so good... maybe I can go back back to sleep real quick. But... shoot... now I'm so thirsty. Ugh!

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever awakened from a dream to discover that you are really really thirsty? Although often overlooked, waking up due to thirst in the middle of night could have some underlying causes that are important to recognize. 


Not getting enough water throughout the day:

More often than not, the reason you are waking up thirsty at night is because you’re dehydrated. Many people are unaware of how much water they really need throughout the day to stay hydrated. Take your weight and divide it in half, that’s how many ounces of water you should be drinking per day. Keep in mind; if it has been hot, dry, or you have been particularly active, you will need to be drinking even more. Tip: Not all hydration has to come from water it can come from food too!


Drinking too much alcohol before you go to bed.

This almost goes hand in hand with being dehydrated. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect on the body because it is a diuretic—meaning it makes you have to use the bathroom more often than normal. Many people realize  they have had one too many because of the pounding headache the next day. But you can also tell you’ve probably had too much alcohol and not enough water if you wake up thirsty at night. Tip: Drink one glass of water for every serving of alcohol!

Being a mouth breather.

At night, some unneeded functions of our body slow down to preserve energy. Saliva production is one of them. Normally, if you sleep with a closed mouth, there is little need for saliva to be produced. But if you breath through your mouth at night, this could cause problems. There are many reasons that you breathe through your mouth at night instead of your nose. A common cold, for example, will increase the blockage of your nose, forcing you to breath solely out of your mouth. In more serious cases, sleep apnea may be the cause. Tip: Try to remove any blockages caused by colds by taking medicine and being sure to stay hydrated!

Note: If waking up thirsty is happening often, or it causes other disruptions, we recommend talking to your doctor to make sure there are no other underlying, more serious causes.


So what can you do if you wake up thirsty?

Be sure to always have a cold bottle of Eldorado Natural Spring Water on your nightstand so when you do wake up, you can wet your whistle and enjoy a better night’s sleep. Ready to start receiving bottles right to your door?


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This blog was previously published on 05/15/2017

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