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The Secret to Growing a Green Thumb

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 16, 2016 1:00:00 PM / by Eldorado Natural Spring Water

Secret to growing a green thumb 

Whether it’s attempting to keep the office plant alive or pleading with perennials in the front yard, gardening is truly a test of patience. Overwater your plant due to anticipation of growth, and it might die. Not enough sunlight each day (or too much), and it might die. Hydration and environmental needs all amount to a guessing game when it comes to finding that perfect balance. Not everyone can be blessed with the highly coveted ‘green thumb’, but there are certain tricks of the trade that everyone can follow to help ensure that their plants live a long and healthy life.


  1. Don’t Suffocate it. As mentioned above, plants of any kind (yes, even cacti) can be very temperamental. Just like trying to keep the human body hydrated, if you overwater it, it simply won’t perform like it’s supposed to. Plants actually breathe through their roots. If you over water them, they are unable to receive essential gases and may suffocate. Signs that you might be over watering your plant include yellow lower leaves, a wilted appearance, rotting roots, and greenish soil.
  2. The Essentials. Just like humans, plants will not flourish and might die relatively quickly without water. We all know this; it’s the remembering to water them that’s the hard part. Try designating a certain time of the day to water your plant. For instance, every day before you eat breakfast or before taking off for your lunch break. A routine will stick with you and help trigger that reminder. If this doesn’t work for you, there are tons of water-reminder apps for plants like Waterbot.
  3. Consider Light. Oftentimes, you can’t do much about the amount of light your home or office gets but you can take the species of plant into consideration. Maybe you don’t sit near a window, or your backyard gets quite a bit of shade. When you are choosing a plant, make sure to find out how much (or how little) sunlight it will need to thrive.
  4. Mimic Its Natural Environment. Many plants have a dormant period (typically in fall and winter) in their natural environment in which they are accustomed to receiving significantly less water and sunlight. It’s ok to cut back during those months just make sure you don’t completely forget about them! Also, if caring for a tropical plant, know that the drier months can take quite a toll. Try leaving it in the bathroom for a couple days out of the week so it can soak up some of that shower steam.
  5. Do Your Research. Finding the right plant that is suitable for your lifestyle is crucial. If you’re constantly out of town for business trips you may not want to get a plant that needs to be watered twice a day. If you prefer to be extremely involved and you have a lot of free time, try shying away from some of the lower maintenance species.

Caring for and witnessing the growth of a plant can have a number of positive impacts on your life such as increased productivity, stress relief, and even improvement in air quality. At the Eldorado Natural Spring Water offices, we actually have quite a few! Yes, we’ve killed a couple along the way but, as they say, there are no mistakes only lessons. We hope our lessons help you with your gardening endeavors and also make you a bit more conscious of your own hydration and well-being.

Happy planting!

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