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Can Drinking Water Help Prevent Heart Failure?

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 6, 2022 2:21:24 PM / by Eldorado Natural Spring Water



Most people know that there are many benefits of drinking water. But did you know there are specific benefits of drinking water for the heart? There are! In fact, one study on congestive heart failure and drinking water found that drinking eight glasses of water daily can reduce your risk of heart failure decades later.

So, if you hear someone ask, “Is drinking water good for the heart?” you can tell them that it definitely is!

Why Drinking Water Is Good for the Heart

Proper hydration supports optimal functioning in many areas of the body. Regarding the heart, in particular, researchers have found that being dehydrated increases the concentration of what’s called serum sodium in the blood, and the body responds by trying to conserve water. That reaction triggers processes that can contribute to heart failure.

So, can drinking water prevent a heart attack? In a roundabout way and over the long term, yes, it can. To be clear, if you’re drinking water to avoid a heart attack, that’s a practice you have to follow consistently over time. You can’t guzzle a glass when you experience symptoms that might be related to a heart attack and expect it to help.

But if you determine the number of glasses recommended for you based on your physical factors, activity level, environment, etc., and drink enough water before bedtime each day, your chance of a heart attack may decline. In other words, drinking water can reduce your heart attack risk over time. And much more effectively than sports drinks, which have many ingredients your body doesn’t need.


Hydration and Other Factors Affecting Heart Health

When you become dehydrated, you lose blood volume, and your heart beats faster and more forcefully to continue circulating enough blood throughout the body. Once you understand the effects of drinking water on heart rate and blood pressure—namely that being well-hydrated allows your heart to beat at a normal rate and with normal force—you see that staying hydrated is an easy way to promote better heart health and overall health.

Of course, there are other steps you should take to lower your risk of heart failure and other diseases. For example, eating a healthy diet, reducing your sodium intake, and exercising regularly are all helpful. But many people find that increasing their intake of Eldorado Natural Spring Water creates the foundation for future health improvements.

As you increase your water intake, your energy level rises due to proper hydration. That makes you more inclined to exercise, which increases your appetite for healthy food. We often talk about downward spirals, but increasing the amount of fluid you consume and improving your hydration status actually creates an upward spiral in your health and happiness!

How much water is enough for you? That varies based on many factors. But a good target is to consume 64 ounces of water a day. Some of that may come from foods you eat, but the majority will be from cool, refreshing glasses of water. You can also take your body weight and divide it in half and that's how many ounces a day you should be drinking.

Important note: By the time you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. You must stay ahead of things and keep sipping water throughout your day.


Is Natural Spring Water a Magic Potion?

When it comes to maintaining your health, no beverage is a “magic potion.” But natural spring water may be as close to one as you’ll find! By lowering the relative sodium level in the blood circulating through your body and making it easier for your heart to do its job, water is truly essential to good health.

So, whether you get your natural spring water in a glass from a dispenser or you fill your water bottle and carry it around throughout your day, it’s vital to have a healthy source of hydration always close at hand. Your heart, lungs, and systems throughout your body will thank you.

And as you reduce your risk of heart failure and other serious medical problems, your loved ones will also thank you!

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