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Why Have Water Delivered?

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 16, 2021 11:08:22 AM / by Eldorado Natural Spring Water

Why Have Water Delivered


For nearly as long as people have worked in offices, there has been the office water cooler. More than just a place to refill your cup, the water cooler has been where employees take a mental and physical break from the task at hand, connect with coworkers about the latest news, and sometimes come up with the company’s next million-dollar idea!

How companies have kept the water cooler full has evolved through the years. Today, business delivery is the option that most companies select. Whether they opt for 5-gallon water delivery or having cases of water delivered, one thing is clear: There are many benefits of water delivery services. Below we explain why spring water delivery can be so advantageous.

6 Benefits of Water Delivery Services

Drinking water delivery helps a business in several ways:

  1. Proper hydration is essential to good health. From a long-term perspective, getting plenty of water helps you maintain everything from soft, supple skin to well-lubricated joints to properly functioning organs.
  2. Staying hydrated prevents the “afternoon fade.” A short-term, but equally important, benefit of having plenty of great-tasting spring water on hand is that it helps employees avoid that tired feeling many of us experience in the mid-to-late afternoon. Often, we associate it with needing “fuel” in the form of food. But in most cases, the afternoon fade is a result of your body needing more water.
  3. Drinking water improves mood and cognition. Not only does being properly hydrated help us feel more energized, but it can also elevate our mood, which is good for us and everyone around us! Plus, it can help us think more clearly.
  4. Healthy employees have fewer sick days. As noted above, drinking plenty of water can improve a person’s health. From there, a secondary benefit is that healthy people require fewer sick days. So, productivity remains high and employee frustration over having to take on their sick coworkers’ tasks remains low.
  5. Employees may drink less of unhealthy beverages. Setting up drinking water delivery with Eldorado gives employees easy access to water with award-winning great taste. As a result, they may drink more water and less soda, energy drinks, juice, etc. And doing that means they’re consuming fewer calories and that they don’t have the energy “crash” that typically follows a short-lived energy boost from those beverages.
  6. Spring water from Eldorado is free of unhealthy chemicals. Unfortunately, municipal water (that is, tap water) sometimes contains chemicals and other contaminants you would rather not be drinking. Spring water delivered by Eldorado contains nothing artificial—just water with natural minerals your body needs.

So, every company that values employee health and productivity should consider a water delivery service. And, the delivery fees associated with having 5-gallon bottles that can feed water dispensers brought to a business office are typically much lower than people imagine.

Benefits of Water Delivery Services Extend Beyond Businesses

While people often think of water delivery in a business context, home water delivery provides all the benefits listed above. Plus, having water delivered to your house means you can make a healthy choice for yourself and your family without having to go to the store to buy Eldorado bottled water.

You probably spend more of your time at home than at any other location. So, bottled water delivery just makes sense.

Home or Office: Getting Great-Tasting Water Delivered Is Easy

Never had water delivered to your home or office before? No problem. Setting up bottled water delivery is simple. Our team can help you determine how much drinking water you need and then explain your home delivery or business delivery options.

The first step to better-tasting water, better health, and all the other benefits of water delivery services is to contact us!

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