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Eldorado Water Blog

Eldorado Water Blog

“What Can I Say, My Cat is a Gourmet”

[fa icon="calendar"] May 11, 2017 1:37:00 PM / by Eldorado Natural Spring Water

Cats love Eldorado Water too!


At Eldorado Springs, we really love receiving testimonials from all of you out there that love our water! Some time ago, we received a rather unique email from one of our biggest fans. It just so happens that this fan is actually a cat named Tiger! In the email, Tiger’s owner, Jerry G, explains how his furry friend came to know and love Eldorado Springs Water.

“One day, I left a half-filled glass of the Eldorado water on the coffee table and when I wasn't looking, he jumped up and started drinking it. That was all it took. He was instantly hooked. From that moment on, he demanded the Eldorado water and nothing else would do. Because I saw that he liked it, craved it, and reacted so strongly when he got it, I figured it must be good for him. So, for the last few years Tiger has gotten Eldorado Natural Spring Water in his dish everyday... almost.

“Just for fun, I tried a test on him some time back. When shopping at my local grocery store, I bought a gallon of Eldorado Natural Spring Water and a gallon of another water—not name brand but was labeled, ‘drinking water.’ I figured the cat wouldn't know the difference and would go for the cheaper stuff. When I got home, I gave him a bowl of the other water and it was instantly rejected. ‘Not good enough!’ he seemed to say, and he wouldn't give it a second try.

“Within seconds of getting the ‘drinking water’, he raised a fit, refused it, meowed constantly, ran around the room and began jumping up on the counter. He never acts like this otherwise. He put on quite a show. ‘What a baby!’ I thought. I figured I'd let him get use to it so I kept giving him the cheap stuff over the next day. His fits continued with all the antics of meowing, jumping up on the counter, running around, and acting antsy. After a day of this I relented and gave him the Eldorado water once again. He jumped at the bowl, pawed it and didn't stop drinking for well over 5 minutes. He obviously wanted the good stuff. What can I say... my cat is a gourmet.

“He knows what he wants and will wait me out to get it. I am now well trained and Eldorado Natural Spring Water is the exclusive water of service for this household. I am now of the opinion that the cat knows more than I do about water. If tap water isn't good enough for him, then it must not be good for me either.”

Well, we can’t thank Jerry and Tiger enough for this heart felt email. It really made our day! We hope to be quenching both you and your cat’s thirst for many years to come!

Editor's note: This post was originally published in April of 2016 but we loved it so much we had to show you again!

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