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Eldorado Water Blog

Eldorado Water Blog

Let’s Talk Turbidity in Water

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 24, 2017 1:07:48 PM / by Jeremy Martin

Turbidity in Water 

When experts talk about water, they often speak about the clarity of the water. Clarity is the depth sunlight reaches (usually in the context of an ocean or a stream), and it is of great aesthetic interest. While tiny bubbles in tap water can cause the water to be hazy temporarily, turbidity is cloudiness or haziness caused by light-reflecting particles in the water. It is also the key test of water quality. The less turbidity water has, the more healthful it is. In fact, too much turbidity can lead to gastrointestinal diseases. As we’ve discussed before, “ultra-pure” water can actually be bad for you, but on the opposite end of the scale, too many particles in your water can also be hazardous to your health.

Total Suspended Solids vs. Total Dissolved Solids

Water naturally contains particles. Sometimes the particles derive from plant matter or rock sediment. But stormwater runoff allows human activities—such as construction, mining, and agriculture—to introduce additional particles. These particles, referred to as Total Suspended Solids (TSS), are generally visible, making water appear smoky or hazy. Fortunately, TSS can readily be removed via a water filter. Conversely, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are the minerals and nutrients that water collects and go undetected by sight. They typically do not pose a health risk and contribute to the flavor of water. However, if your drinking water has too many, they can make your drinking water unpleasantly bitter or salty. Filters do not affect TDS.


The best water to drink has a moderate amount of Total Dissolved Solids. At Eldorado, we understand the delicate balance between great taste and clarity. That is why we collect our water from a natural spring that pushes the water through a layer of sandstone, removing any turbidity and filtering out Total Suspended Solids. The good stuff passes through and leaves a moderate amount of the nutrients and minerals that your body needs and that give Eldorado Natural Spring Water its award-winning taste.


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Jeremy Martin

Written by Jeremy Martin