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Eldorado Water Blog

Fun Ways to Recycle Our Bottles (Again)

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 10, 2016 3:00:00 PM / by Eldorado Natural Spring Water

Recycling water bottles

These days it seems like DIY’s are all the rage—and for good reason! DIY projects are a great way to enjoy creative family time while also using up those gizmos and gadgets that would otherwise be thrown away. At Eldorado Natural Spring Water, we love anything that reduces our environmental impact and encourages recycling. That’s why we’re proud to be the very first bottled water company to introduce 100% recycled water bottles and a fully solar powered manufacturing facility.

Although our bottles are already recycled, we figured why stop there? Why not recycle them AGAIN? So, here are ten fun, family-friendly ways to recycle those Eldorado water bottles you may have lying around.


1. Craft a bird feeder. No one will appreciate this DIY more than your feathery friends in the backyard.

Recycled bottle bird feeder 

Source: Marghanita.com 

2. Use our caps to make a mosaic. Your creation may be on a smaller scale, for example: a planter or an outdoor table top.

water bottle cap house

Source: Ilya Naymushinvia

3. Plant a vertical Garden. Our bottles are the perfect size for a miniature, hanging herb planter!

Rosenbaum water bottle

Source: Rosenbaum (Website no longer available. You can find more information here.)

4. Build your own chandelier. There’s nothing a little glue can’t accomplish!

Chandelier made of water bottles

Source: blogilates.com (Website no longer available. You can find more information here.)

5. Flower decorations. So simple and SO pretty!

water bottle chandelier

Source: Ohhappyday

6. Rocket jet pack. Perfect for the little (or big) adventurer in your family. 

creative water bottle recycling ideas

Source: doodlecraftblog.com

7. Organizers. The perfect craft room pick-me-up!

water bottle pencil holder

Source: Unknown

8. A garden sprinkler. We happen to think this one is pretty clever.

water bottle sprinkler

Source: Instructables

9. Bottle curtain. This curtain is both easy to make and quite striking.

water bottle curtains

Source: Michelle Brand

10. Paint Stamp. You’ll get a perfect flower/sun painting every time.

water bottle stamps

Source: alphamom.com


BONUS: Eldorado super-fan, Robin Bouricius, actually built a raft out of his 217 recycled bottles! Way to go Robin!

DIY water bottle raft

The possible ways to upcycle your bottles into something beautiful are truly endless! Let your creativity run wild and don’t forget to comment below with any additional craft ideas you happen to come up with. Happy crafting!

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