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2021 Berkely Springs International Water Tasting Winner

Eldorado Natural Spring Water Voted Best in the U.S.

LOUISVILLE, Colo.June 9, 2021

Colorado-headquartered Eldorado Natural Spring Water finished second in the world, first in the United States, at Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting

Eldorado Natural Spring Water was voted the best bottled water in the United States, and the second best bottled water in the world, at the prestigious and long-running Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting competition hosted annually in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

Water entrants spanned five continents and fourteen countries, with United States entries submitted from nineteen states. 2021 marks the third time in the past six years that Eldorado Natural Spring Water has been voted the best water in the U.S. (2016, 2019, 2021)

 2021 Best tasting bottled water

Judges spent hours tasting and selecting from waters sourced from around the world. Under instruction by water expert Arthur von Wiesenberger, the nine-member judging panel examined and tasted each water under guidelines similar to a wine tasting. Waters were rated for attributes including appearance, aroma, taste, mouth feel, and aftertaste in categories ranging from municipal water, to sparkling, purified, and bottled water. "It was another wonderful year for the longest-running and largest water tasting in the world," said von Wiesenberger. "Berkeley Springs is truly the Olympics of water." 

The natural artesian springs where Eldorado Natural Spring Water's bottled water is sourced emanate from one of the most unique water sources in the world. Rain and snow pass from the Continental Divide to a deep aquifer, and the water is then forced through a layer of sandstone to the surface in Eldorado Springs, Colorado. Hundreds of acres of pristine local, state, and federal park land surrounding the spring further protect the purity of Eldorado Natural Spring Water.

All of these factors contribute to water renowned as one of the most pure and natural spring waters in the world.

Doug Larson, Co-Founder of Eldorado Natural Spring Water and President since 1991, shared, "Eldorado is proud to consistently finish in the top tier of bottled waters globally year after year. Our team works incredibly hard to deliver exceptional water quality and service to our devoted customers every day. We thank the judges and organizers of Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting for hosting a stellar event and honoring our water."

All 2021 categories and winners can be viewed HERE.

About Eldorado Natural Spring Water, Inc.

Eldorado Natural Spring Water, Inc. is a leading bottler, marketer, and distributor of natural spring water beverages in the Rocky Mountains. The Company's growing product portfolio includes an Organic & Natural Vitamin Charged Spring Water, which includes five flavors and has generated strong market acceptance. The Company also markets five-gallon and three-gallon bottles of water directly to homes and businesses, national retail grocery chains, and regional distributors. Additionally, the Company markets its water in smaller, more convenient size packaging to retail food stores. The source of the natural spring water is located on property owned by the Company in Eldorado Springs, Colorado. Click on to start your own water delivery service in Colorado with Eldorado.


Eldorado Natural Spring Water Celebrates 9 Years of 100% Recycled Water Bottles

(Louisville, Colorado - February 7, 2019)

As concerns over plastic water bottle waste rises, Eldorado Natural Spring Water company continues its commitment to being good environmental stewards. Rather than contributing to the 90.5% of plastic that never gets reused, Eldorado uses 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic.

In 2018, a public spotlight was placed on the use of plastic straws and their eventual fate as ocean waste. In response to public concern, legislative action in California has sought to tackle this problem head on. Since then, another persistent environmental issue is back in the forefront of consumers’ minds: plastic waste from bottled water.

Although Americans rejoiced in the fact that bottled water finally replaced soda as a favorite beverage in 2018, concerns of its contribution towards disposable plastic waste rose. In December 2018, the Royal Statistical Society announced the International Statistic of the Year. Unfortunately, the winning statistic was a shocking one; 90.5% of plastic has never been recycled. Of that, about 38 billion water bottles contribute to this waste.

Sadly, as a result, government mandates and water bottle bans are surfacing as the solution to this problem. Fortunately, prominent bottled water companies are slowly starting to catch on. One of the nation’s largest bottled water companies recently announced that they are planning on using 25% recycled plastic by 2021. Others are following suit, claiming that they will make the shift to recycled material by 2025.

Eldorado Natural Spring Water, a locally owned company specializing in bulk water delivery in Colorado, is pleased to hear that its competitors are slowly starting to adopt this sound practice, while proudly reaffirming their long-held commitment to using only 100% recycled plastics for its products. As an example to others, Eldorado seeks to raise consumer confidence that water bottle companies can be sustainable and ecologically sound.

According to vice president and cofounder Jeremy Martin, “Following on the heels of our solar system installation, which powers our manufacturing facility, we continue to try to innovate to reduce our impact on the environment.” No stranger to innovation, and in a commitment to the environment, Eldorado Natural Spring Water has been utilizing a solar electric system since 2009 that covers 50% of its manufacturing facility’s energy needs. Additionally, they recycle 96% of the waste from their plant including paper, cardboard, and plastic. In 2010, Eldorado Natural Spring Water became the first U.S. bottled water company to use 100% recycled plastic water bottles.

Fortunately, consumers are becoming more educated and passionate about environmental issues. As a result, they are demanding more accountability from the companies they buy from. This alignment of industry values to customer values is sure to produce positive outcomes and cause the attrition of those companies less values-minded. For more information about Eldorado Natural Spring Water and its environmental efforts, please visit them at www.eldoradosprings.com/environmental-stewards.


Eldorado Natural Spring Water sponsors the ARISE festival in Loveland, CO.
August 7–9, 2015

Come join in the festivities and have some of our natural spring water.

Find out more about the event:


Denver Post Reviews the Eldorado Springs Pool

UPDATED:   06/27/2013


Eldorado Natural Spring Water Wins Silver Medal in International Water Tasting Competition

LOUISVILLE, Colo.March 3 

The 20th Annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting was held Saturday with more than 125 waters competing for top honors.

Read more about it:
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