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Eldorado In The News

Eldorado In The News

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Eldorado Natural Spring Water Celebrates 40th Year Anniversary

(Louisville, Colorado - April 1, 2023) Eldorado Artesian Springs, Inc. is proud and excited to announce that it has now been serving the Colorado community for 40 years. Eldorado Artesian Springs, Inc. was founded by Doug Larson, Jeremy Martin and Kevin Sipple in 1983 when the company became the owner of 40 acres of land, the artesian springs, eleven wells, water rights, a bottling plant, a warehouse, the resort pool, and numerous other homes and buildings in Eldorado Springs, CO. Continuous growth over the years necessitated expansion and in 2001, Eldorado built a 38,000 sq. foot state-of-the-art bottling and distribution facility. The company relocated headquarters and operations to this new facility in Louisville, CO in August 2001.
Eldorado Springs has long been a destination spot. The Eldorado swimming pool, owned by Eldorado Artesian Springs, Inc. has been a source of summer fun for generations of families in our Colorado community. Rich with history, the company is dedicated to keeping this tradition alive for future generations to come. In July 2018 Eldorado received approval from Boulder County commissioners for a complex and thorough historic preservation project, in line with its historic landmark designation, which is progressing towards an anticipated opening later this summer. 
According to Executive Vice President and co-founder Jeremy Martin, “We are extremely excited to celebrate both our 40th anniversary AND the grand re-opening of the newly renovated swimming pool and resort this spring and summer. It is an honor to serve our community, and we have been extremely fortunate to have sustained a steadily increasing popularity within our Colorado home state.”
Eldorado Natural Spring Water is sourced naturally from a 6,000 year old reservoir located 8,000 feet underground in the Eldorado Springs Canyon near Boulder. This artesian spring is one of the most unique water sources in the world. Underground water pressure forces the water through a layer of sandstone up to the surface which creates a natural filtering system. Unlike manufactured, filtered water systems that remove the naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals—or tap water that introduces artificial fluoride and chlorine (and sometimes contaminants), Eldorado’s spring water is safe and all natural… because you just can’t manufacture natural.
For more information about Eldorado Natural Spring Water, the 40th Anniversary, or the re-opening of the Eldorado Springs Pool, please contact Jeremy Martin at jeremym@eldoradosprings.com
or 303-604-3017.



Famous People Visit Eldorado Springs

It was true then, and it should certainly be true now: famous people (or even people who WANT to be famous), visit Eldorado Springs, Colorado.

In a recent article in About Boulder, titled "Famous people who have visited Eldorado Springs" they provide a partial list of the many famous people who frequented Eldorado Springs in the past.

The article explains, "The name 'Eldorado' comes from the Spanish word for 'the golden one' and refers to the town’s early mining history. The area was originally settled by miners in the late 1800s who were drawn to the region by the discovery of gold.

"Eldorado Springs became a popular destination for health-seekers in the early 1900s when the benefits of the town’s natural springs were discovered. The water from the springs is said to have therapeutic properties due to its high mineral content, and the town quickly became a destination for those seeking health and relaxation.

"Over the years, Eldorado Springs has played host to a number of famous visitors. Some of the notable people who have visited or lived in the town include:

  1. Dwight Eisenhower – the former US President visited Eldorado Springs on a number of occasions in the 1950s and 60s.
  2. Henry Ford – the founder of the Ford Motor Company was a regular visitor to Eldorado Springs in the early 1900s.
  3. Helen Keller – the deaf and blind author and activist visited Eldorado Springs in 1950.
  4. Mary Pickford – the silent film star owned a cabin in Eldorado Springs that she used as a retreat.
  5. Billy Wilder – the Academy Award-winning film director and screenwriter was a regular visitor to Eldorado Springs in the 1950s."

Click here for even more information about this amazing place we call home, the source of our award-winning Eldorado Natural Spring Water, and please come see us, anytime!




Whisky vs Whiskey – What’s the Difference?

Have you ever wondered about the (mis)spelling of whisky/whiskey? Well apparently, there's actually a difference. Alloutdoor has a series of articles around Spirited Arms. In #3 of the series, they explain the difference between whisky and whiskey? Apparently, a lot of the spelling difference has to do with the country of origin:

Whiskey: wood, barrel-aged spirits from grain distilled in America and/or Ireland
Whisky: wood, barrel-aged spirits from grain distilled in Scotland, Japan, Canada, and several other countries

Our favorite part of the article is when, in talking about the brand of whiskey TINCUP, they point out that the water for the whiskey comes from, you guessed it, Eldorado Natural Spring Water. 

Check out the article in full here.




Colorado town home to some of 'best tasting' water in world, according to experts

This excerpt from Out There Colorado's website was posted October, 2022.


If you're picky about how your water tastes, there's a Colorado town that should definitely be on your radar.

Located in Boulder County, Eldorado Springs has a long history of receiving international recognition for its great tasting water, which can be found in bottled form around the state, recognizable by its blue and yellow label.

Most recently, Eldorado Natural Spring Water was ranked as the best tasting non-carbonated bottled water in the US and second best in the world in 2021.

Check out the article in full here.



Townsquare NOCO logo

Take A Hike to the Remains of Colorado’s Historic Crags Hotel

An interesting in-depth article from Townsquare Fort Collins - Townsquare NoCo


Eldorado Canyon State Park provides some awesome glimpses into the history of the Centennial State. This article takes the reader on a virtual hike through Eldorado Canyon State Park, starting with Eldorado Springs. Rattlesnake Gulch Trail leads to the old ruins of the Crags Hotel, some great views, old railroads, a hundred year's old wagon trail, rock walls and fountains. We hope you will find this as interesting as we did.


Check out the article in full here.



Town of Douglas, MA

In Search of Eldorado

This excerpt from the town of Douglas, MA's website was posted June, 2022.


The City of Douglas, MA is apparently in search of Eldorado. It recently answered the question: "Where Is Eldorado Springs Colorado?" They also asked and answered several other good questions, like:

  • "What is there to do in Eldorado Springs?"
  • "What is Eldorado Canyon State Park known for?"
  • "What is in Eldorado Springs?"
  • "Can you swim in Eldorado Canyon?"
  •  "Can you drive Eldorado Canyon State Park?"

But the question (and answer) we liked best was "Is Eldorado Springs the best water in Boulder?"

They also included this nice video of the park.


Check out the article in full here.




CU Alumni Own Eldorado Artesian Springs

The following is an excerpt from an article in the Colorado Alumni Magazine
March 11, 2022  By Christie Sounart

Less than eight miles south of CU Boulder, off of Hwy. 93 and up the scenic Eldorado Canyon, one of Colorado’s busiest state parks welcomes visitors of all kinds. Steep Canyon walls lure rock climbers. Fish are plentiful. Scenic hiking trails are accessible year round.

But perhaps the area’s best highlights one often unnoticed — an aquifer thousands of feet below the Flatirons, releasing naturally filtered water through an artesian spring.

For nearly 40 years, CU alumni have helped maintain the purity of the spring’s water and have sold millions of gallons of water to local and national customers through the bottled water company Eldorado Artesian Springs.

“We regard our company as guardians of the spring,” said Doug Larson (Fin’78), who founded the business with friends Jeremy Martin (IntlBus’77) — whom he's known since middle school — and Kevin Sipple (Psych’77), whom he met in highschool. “The water is truly special.”

Read the full article


2021 Berkely Springs International Water Tasting Winner

Eldorado Natural Spring Water Voted Best in the U.S.

LOUISVILLE, Colo.June 9, 2021

Colorado-headquartered Eldorado Natural Spring Water finished second in the world, first in the United States, at Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting

Eldorado Natural Spring Water was voted the best bottled water in the United States, and the second best bottled water in the world, at the prestigious and long-running Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting competition hosted annually in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

Water entrants spanned five continents and fourteen countries, with United States entries submitted from nineteen states. 2021 marks the third time in the past six years that Eldorado Natural Spring Water has been voted the best water in the U.S. (2016, 2019, 2021)

 2021 Best tasting bottled water

Judges spent hours tasting and selecting from waters sourced from around the world. Under instruction by water expert Arthur von Wiesenberger, the nine-member judging panel examined and tasted each water under guidelines similar to a wine tasting. Waters were rated for attributes including appearance, aroma, taste, mouth feel, and aftertaste in categories ranging from municipal water, to sparkling, purified, and bottled water. "It was another wonderful year for the longest-running and largest water tasting in the world," said von Wiesenberger. "Berkeley Springs is truly the Olympics of water." 

The natural artesian springs where Eldorado Natural Spring Water's bottled water is sourced emanate from one of the most unique water sources in the world. Rain and snow pass from the Continental Divide to a deep aquifer, and the water is then forced through a layer of sandstone to the surface in Eldorado Springs, Colorado. Hundreds of acres of pristine local, state, and federal park land surrounding the spring further protect the purity of Eldorado Natural Spring Water.

All of these factors contribute to water renowned as one of the most pure and natural spring waters in the world.

Doug Larson, Co-Founder of Eldorado Natural Spring Water and President since 1991, shared, "Eldorado is proud to consistently finish in the top tier of bottled waters globally year after year. Our team works incredibly hard to deliver exceptional water quality and service to our devoted customers every day. We thank the judges and organizers of Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting for hosting a stellar event and honoring our water."

All 2021 categories and winners can be viewed HERE.

About Eldorado Natural Spring Water, Inc.

Eldorado Natural Spring Water, Inc. is a leading bottler, marketer, and distributor of natural spring water beverages in the Rocky Mountains. The Company's growing product portfolio includes an Organic & Natural Vitamin Charged Spring Water, which includes five flavors and has generated strong market acceptance. The Company also markets five-gallon and three-gallon bottles of water directly to homes and businesses, national retail grocery chains, and regional distributors. Additionally, the Company markets its water in smaller, more convenient size packaging to retail food stores. The source of the natural spring water is located on property owned by the Company in Eldorado Springs, Colorado. Click on to start your own water delivery service in Colorado with Eldorado.


Eldorado Natural Spring Water Celebrates 9 Years of 100% Recycled Water Bottles

(Louisville, Colorado - February 7, 2019)

As concerns over plastic water bottle waste rises, Eldorado Natural Spring Water company continues its commitment to being good environmental stewards. Rather than contributing to the 90.5% of plastic that never gets reused, Eldorado uses 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic.

In 2018, a public spotlight was placed on the use of plastic straws and their eventual fate as ocean waste. In response to public concern, legislative action in California has sought to tackle this problem head on. Since then, another persistent environmental issue is back in the forefront of consumers’ minds: plastic waste from bottled water.

Although Americans rejoiced in the fact that bottled water finally replaced soda as a favorite beverage in 2018, concerns of its contribution towards disposable plastic waste rose. In December 2018, the Royal Statistical Society announced the International Statistic of the Year. Unfortunately, the winning statistic was a shocking one; 90.5% of plastic has never been recycled. Of that, about 38 billion water bottles contribute to this waste.

Sadly, as a result, government mandates and water bottle bans are surfacing as the solution to this problem. Fortunately, prominent bottled water companies are slowly starting to catch on. One of the nation’s largest bottled water companies recently announced that they are planning on using 25% recycled plastic by 2021. Others are following suit, claiming that they will make the shift to recycled material by 2025.

Eldorado Natural Spring Water, a locally owned company specializing in bulk water delivery in Colorado, is pleased to hear that its competitors are slowly starting to adopt this sound practice, while proudly reaffirming their long-held commitment to using only 100% recycled plastics for its products. As an example to others, Eldorado seeks to raise consumer confidence that water bottle companies can be sustainable and ecologically sound.

According to vice president and cofounder Jeremy Martin, “Following on the heels of our solar system installation, which powers our manufacturing facility, we continue to try to innovate to reduce our impact on the environment.” No stranger to innovation, and in a commitment to the environment, Eldorado Natural Spring Water has been utilizing a solar electric system since 2009 that covers 50% of its manufacturing facility’s energy needs. Additionally, they recycle 96% of the waste from their plant including paper, cardboard, and plastic. In 2010, Eldorado Natural Spring Water became the first U.S. bottled water company to use 100% recycled plastic water bottles.

Fortunately, consumers are becoming more educated and passionate about environmental issues. As a result, they are demanding more accountability from the companies they buy from. This alignment of industry values to customer values is sure to produce positive outcomes and cause the attrition of those companies less values-minded. For more information about Eldorado Natural Spring Water and its environmental efforts, please visit them at www.eldoradosprings.com/environmental-stewards.


Eldorado Natural Spring Water sponsors the ARISE festival in Loveland, CO.
August 7–9, 2015

Come join in the festivities and have some of our natural spring water.

Find out more about the Arise Music Festival


Denver Post Reviews the Eldorado Springs Pool

UPDATED:   06/27/2013


Eldorado Natural Spring Water Wins Silver Medal in International Water Tasting Competition

LOUISVILLE, Colo.March 3 

The 20th Annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting was held Saturday with more than 125 waters competing for top honors.

Read more about it:
Click Here



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