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Michelle Encourages You to Drink Up

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 4, 2016 1:05:05 PM / by Eldorado Natural Spring Water

Michelle Obama on hydration and water

Well folks, it’s that time again. The votes are in and tallied. Our country now has a brand new commander and chief! However, all “approved” messages and debate banter aside; we can only hope that he does an incredible job leading our great nation. As we reflect on our previous presidential family’s time in the White House, Eldorado Springs would like to use the opportunity to talk about an issue that is very close to our hearts.


Although hydration is viewed as a somewhat minor issue compared to others, we believe it to be of the utmost importance. As a matter of fact, First Lady Michelle Obama shares our opinion. In 2013, the former first lady launched a campaign called “Drink Up” to help encourage kids to drink more water. It mainly consists of positive, pro-water messaging that aims to make water the “cool thing” amongst children.


The idea stemmed from a statistic provided by the CDC stating that 1 in 4 children do not drink any water in a given day. If you’ve had the chance to read any of our previous blogs about dehydration and its side effects, you know that for children who should be playing, learning, and exploring all day, dehydration will prevent them from being able to do these things to the fullest. The former first lady wanted to stress to our country that something as simple as drinking one extra glass of water a day can make all the difference—not only for children, but for adults too—in energy levels, ability to focus, and overall health.


Although the initiative was first created almost 4 years ago, it is still going strong today. Companies like Nalgene and S’well Bottle have all joined forces with Michelle Obama to help encourage Americans to drink more  water. Hundreds of thousands of reusable water bottles, along with celebrity endorsements and the introduction of outdoor taps have helped the campaign gain international recognition. Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) found that the Drink Up campaign drove a 3% lift in incremental sales of bottled water among people who had seen the campaign’s online ads. That comes out to about a $1 million bump in retail sales for bottled water.


Regardless of what the election results were, we sure hope that our newest president that moves into that big White House is still just as determined to improve our country’s overall health and well-being. Whether that’s through making water more accessible and shedding light on hydration through a campaign, or simply leading by good example, we hope to see big things in the upcoming term!

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