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A Taste of Eldorado Spring Water

waterrushingfzIs there really a difference in taste or quality among bottled water brands? How would you characterize Eldorado's taste?

Natural bottled waters like Eldorado are very special and have a more natural and regional flavor. Contact with geological formations imparts a unique mineral composition to the water. It is Eldorado’s unique source, an aquifer that passes underneath Eldorado Springs and rises under immense artesian pressure forcing the water through a layer of sandstone up to the surface, creating a natural filtering system, that gives Eldorado its unique taste and quality.

Each spring has its own identity, as unique and individual as a fingerprint. Eldorado is considered an extraordinary spring because of its balanced mineral analysis, it surfaces in an environment free from contamination, and its analysis and flow rate remain the same from season to season.

Eldorado’s taste is characterized by several factors. Its low total dissolved solids and mineral content give it a clean, soft and neutral taste. Its low alkalinity or neutral pH maybe perceived as sweet where a more alkaline water would seem bitter or a more acidic sour tasting water. The natural occurring minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium also known as electrolytes add to the flavor.

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