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  • Incredibly Affordable starting at $18.95

    Incredibly Affordable starting at $18.95

    Get Colorado's own Eldorado Natural Spring Water delivered directly to you for as low as $18.95 a month (without any upfront costs)!

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  • Quality - Brought To You By Nature

    Quality - Brought To You By Nature

    Deep source spring water filtered by nature provides the ultimate in purity, quality, and award winning taste. We are fortunate to have access to one of the purest water sources in the world. Experience it for yourself.


  • From the Source to You

    From the Source to You

    Convenient home and business delivery providing award winning water from the purity of Eldorado Springs canyon.

    Delivery specifically customized to fit your needs.


  • Why Choose Eldorado
  • Is All Water the Same
  • Our Customers Count
Eldorado Natural Springs Water Source

Eldorado Natural Spring Water is a deep artesian water source that is isolated from many of the environmental impacts of public and even private water sources.


pH Balanced

Recent scientific studies are showing that many of us have a pH level that is highly acidic. Eldorado Natural Spring Water can assist you in rebalancing your body pH level.


Eliminate Questionable Chemicals

Questionable chemicals such as Chloride, Flouride, Sulfate, Cyanide, Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Lead, Mercury, Nickel and more are either non existant in Eldorado Natural Spring Water or are at extremely low levels.



Is All Water The Same?

With the sale of the first bottle of water the obvious question arose, "is there a REAL difference in water?" What we have discovered is that answer is absolutely YES

All water is not the same. There are several factors that play into such differences: (1) What is the source? (2) Chemical make-up; (3) Taste


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Award Winning Water

Multiple awards - proven high quality water.




Purity Delivered Naturally

Our deep water artesian spring provides water that is free of man made contaminants.




Our Customers Count

We take customer care seriously. Ensuring that we provide the best customer service runs through our whole organization. What's in it for you? The assurance that you get unmatched water quality and service.


More Than Listening:
We Act

We are response to our customers feedback and have created several new offerings to meet your needs. Here's just a few of the items we've recently added: 3 gallon glass bottles, organic vitamin spring water, cofee and tea service, and water filters.


Colorado Proud

We work hard to be available to our customers. We only service the Rocky Mountain region and make ourselves avaialble via email, phone, fax, social networking (Facebook & Twitter), as well as through forms on our website. Maintaining local excellence is our benchmark of success!


Hydration Is Key

drinking-waterProper hydration is one of the keys to good health. Whether you're an extreme athlete, a weekend warrior or someone who wants to maintain optimum wellness, just adding bottled water to your diet can make a big difference in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

For optimum health, drink half an ounce of water for every pound of body weight.

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